International Club

Our International Club was recently founded by our MHS Spanish teacher, Sr. Valdivia.

The mission of the MHS International Club contains a few key points we want you to know about:

  • To expand everyone's knowledge and appreciation of other cultures around the globe.

  • To help enhance intercultural understanding within our community.

  • To give students opportunities to experience different cultures through all of their senses.

  • To celebrate students and families from different countries and enhance their confidence and pride in their cultures.

Our International Club is always thinking and planning for our next fun and engaging activity to help students love and appreciate all of the different cultures of the world. Our most important event throughout each school year is the MHS International Day.

See more about us below!

Our International Club is a great place to be, and we are always happy to see students take an interest in us. Here are a few pictures for you to find out more of what we are about throughout the year.