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Dawn Russell

Freshman and Sophomore

Counselor's Corner


Tips for Exploring Career Possibilities      

(Source:  Using Your ACT Plan Results, ACT, Inc. 2014)



ASK your teacher, counselor, or a parent where you can find books, pamphlets, or computer-based information on occupations.

SEARCH the Internet for information about possible occupations that interest you. 

GATHER firsthand information about careers you are considering.  Talk with people who work in careers that interest you.  Ask them what a typical day is like, how they prepared for the career, what they like and dislike about it.

TALK with teachers, parents, and other adults about occupations related to the subjects you like.  You may get some new ideas about occupations you might like.

FIND OUT how to best prepare for the future you want.  Learn about the entry requirements for an occupation you are thinking about.  Are they in line with your plans for education after high school?  How might you need to adjust your educational plans to fit this career possibility?


Websites for Career Information

For information on occupations and the outlook for future openings, go to the Occupational Outlook Handbook at

For more career information, interests and skills assessments, and information about types of degrees and colleges, visit the following websites:


To find information about occupations in the Air Force, Army, Marines, and Navy, go to


For more career planning tips, go to  

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